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JokerKart makes sure you use your promotion and marketing budget efficiently, and makes your customers spend much more.


JokerKart gives you the opportunity to be in touch with your customers all the time, and to create new shopping opportunities. Thus, it differentiates your business from competitors.


While JokerKart offers your customers a unique shopping experience your business becomes a byword. You burst into prominence by providing inovational services with JokerKart.


JokerKart enables you to have a smooth and a sensible relationship with your customers. So, each and every one of your customers becomes your brand’s ambassador.


Win your customers' hearts and minds

JokerKart ensures that you have all the tools you need to completely win the hearts and minds of your customers by providing them with a pleasant and unique shopping experience.

All in one system

With its smart system, JokerKart enables the management of all the confusing marketing methods together in a simplistic and affordable manner.

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JokerKart is

How It Works

Turning complex into simple

With only a few clicks you can easily create and manage complex campaigns, distribute rewards, and obtain detailed analytics of your business and customers.

How do you play the most profitable hand with JokerKart?

Cards are dealt

We install JokerKart to your system to start customer engagement.

Game begins

With every visit your customers make, they earn points, discounts, or gifts, and it deepens their relationship with your business.

House always wins

Customers return to redeem their points for rewards that you determined for your own business.


Automatically greet & reward your customers the instant they walk in

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